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Derek Lam: Architectural Fashion May 1, 2009

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Derek Lam Fall 2007 Fashion Show, NY: Runway Derek Lam Fall 2007 Fashion Show, NY: Runway

Derek Lam is a designer who designed a great collection of architectural fashion. He said he got his inspiration by walking to work each day between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, and enjoying all sorts of views of Frank Gehry’s building, from which he got a lot of the impetus for this collection. It is Gehry’s first New York City building, the “InterActiveCorp headquartes” on West 18thStreet, with the interior brimming with glass and filtered light bouncing off warm wood furniture. It is very interesting how Derk Lam got his inspiration from a building. The structure, form, and angles that are usually associated with architectural design have moved from the city streets to the fashion runways. It just tells us how VISUALITY matters. We are looking, and we’re being watched. Both fashion and architecture are premises of visuality. 
2007av05-prelim_528_t34611 020bu20070414d8117_t3461


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