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Affordable Luxury? April 29, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — tarosa @ 11:00 pm


I found this picture interesting because of their catch phrase, ‘Luxury for Less”! Condos in Brooklyn, starting from $179,000 thousand dollars, is aparantly an affordable cost for Luxury. This deffintly feeds into my theme of systems of desire through the urban landscape. The marketers know that you have been looking at those luxury condos with lust, but could never afford it. The same way one learns desire when reading through a magazine. They hook you by saying, ‘hey look, you can have this too!’ and they know you want it, and not particularly because it is the best decision to make as an investment or place live, but because its a growing trend in the city. To own a Condo in the city means you have made it, it gives you the same rush as buying a $400 pair of designer shoes!


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