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Hunter Look… March 31, 2009

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This is Shanique, she is a sophomore, and she’s majoring in “adolescent education.” She is from all over…. Queens mainly, but currently lives in Long Island. She calls her style vintage & urban. She likes to shop at thrift stores, the gap, H & M, and her favorite store is American Apparel. Her outfits are inspired by her friends and on her mood. She grabbed my attention because of her look, her outfit and mainly her glasses.  She’s very hip, looks comfortable, and says that the glasses are apart of her look. I also liked her because she has a style of her own.


Another Hunter Student March 27, 2009

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hun20style200011-2This is Justine, She may be a Nursing major, but she is actually fresh from Dance class, which is where this outfit was inspired from. From Howard Beach, Queens, she dresses based on how she feels in the mornings. I was attracted to her outfit because she seems comfortable, yet stylish.


All The Way From Korea

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Shulman Park


Major: Undecided

from Flushing, NY

Shulman bought his entire outfit from Korea. He is wearing a button down white blouse, black tie, underneath a black wool peacoat, light blue jeans and a puma bag with matching gray puma sneakers. He calls his look casual. I would call it business casual.


Hunter Style March 26, 2009

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Amanda is a sophomore and an art history major. She lives in Pelham Bay, Bronx. She calls her style eclectic. She likes to shop in H & M, and just threw this outfit together without too much of thought.


Fashion Week – Street Style

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In a foreign magazine called “Grazia”, which is printed in England, there is a spread titled “Style Hunter”. This spread shows “luxury street style” during the fashion week in Paris. This is definitely not something we see around the Hunter College campus, since these outfits are on the dressy side, but they could be worn in any urban trendy city in the world. Fashion week is all about “watching”, and now we are “watching them” (the women in this magazine and on the street). Urban luxury is being presented, showing that visuality matters, and that people are watching and paying attention to style.



Street Style March 25, 2009

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streetstyle004From, Latina Magazine, this spread captured different woman on the street and their styles. They were found in the city of Sao Paulo in Latin America. Its funny how the way these woman are dressed, i would not have been surprised if they were found here in NYC. Their outfits scream, Urban Trendy. Notice, they are not really showing Urban Luxury, more like, the kinds of people you see everyday around campus.


Bags make outfits pop… March 17, 2009

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accessoriesIn this “Elle” magazine spread, accessories are showcased, and it’s on handbags. All of these bags are from “high end” designers, which screams luxury. On top of the spread all the bags have “chain handle” and have square shapes. On the bottom of the page the bags are considered “totes” which are made from “python”. The middle of the spread shows “slouchy satchels” which usually are categorized as bigger bags, and often called “hobo bags”, meaning round shape. There is also a model in the middle of the spread, showing how to wear the hobo bag, and next to her, there are separate pieces shown, under the category of “wear it with…” that could be worn together as an outfit. This shows us that this outfit could be worn with all of these bags depending on the occasion, and the “city setting” we’re in. The model is tall and slender, just like the slender buildings, which represent wealth. This layout was well thought out by the author of the spread. “Chain handle” bags are considered to be a dressy, while “python totes” make outfits pop. BAGS in general are big icons of outfits. Every woman owns a few. They are considered “luxury” just like in the “display window” article. Everyone one can get away with just one simple everyday bag which usually turns out to be black (because it work with everything), while owning a few bags usually means that a person cares about her look. In many cases owning good quality bags, represents wealth…