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My poster Board May 11, 2009

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Picture0072As you can see, this is a picture, not the best quality but the best I could do, of the first draft of my final project.  I organized it so that, the writing was small and centered, in the hopes that one could easily read the text first then look at the pictures with the new understanding of why they are up. I tried to mix it up with cut out from magazines, actual prints of photos i took, and a handwritten quote which was significant for my point. I felt this mixture made this poster a little more creative, even though it turned out boxy and neat, an organizing technique i actually prefer. It turns out that it is very difficult to learn how to express your ideas visually, especially when a written report may communicate it better. I am continuing to struggle with fiding the ways to best display my theme, which is a little of, the system of desire-luxury and urban landscapes put together…


Gianfranco Ferre May 8, 2009

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Gianfranco Ferre is an Italian designer, who studied architecture, and was known as being “the architect of fashion.”  Right after receiving his degree in architecture, he began his fashion career. He is one of the designer mentioned in “The Fashion of Architecture” reading by Bradley Quinn. Since they are trained architects, they make clothing according to architecture principles rather than following the rules of tailoring. Gianfranco Ferre is known for clean lines, originality, and inventiveness.He even designed/developed a luxury building in Dubai called “Gianfranco Ferre Stresa,” with the GIO Developments group. The highrise tower will have Ferre’s unique touches and style.


Project…A.T. May 7, 2009

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The process of this project was a little challenging… I connected architecture to fashion tailoring. First I collected all sorts of images. Some were taken by me, and some were from magazines or the internet. Then I selected the best images, and decided to divide the poster in half. On the left side, images of clothing and accessories are presented, and on the right side images of architecture. I wanted this poster layout to look like a magazine spread… If I were to do this poster again, I would change a few things. Basically, I would connect architectural tailoring to designer who became architect or the vice versa.


Human Displays May 5, 2009

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img_0583img_0581I found Alain Alvarez, 21 very interesting because i could automatically see the effort he put into his outfit. Being from Chelsea/Fulton his whole life, interested in psychology he creates his own style, modern hip-hop. As you can see he carefuly matches every color of each peice he is wearing. You can bet he feels his style is unique and authentic, and even though he wears this outfit with confidence, there are others who mirror this style of fitted jeans and matching every color perfectly. Does he put the effort in every morning because he really loves fashion and coordinating…or is he putting himself on display for others to admire?


Paris Fall 2009 Fashion Week May 2, 2009

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Watch this:



Derek Lam: Architectural Fashion May 1, 2009

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Derek Lam Fall 2007 Fashion Show, NY: Runway Derek Lam Fall 2007 Fashion Show, NY: Runway

Derek Lam is a designer who designed a great collection of architectural fashion. He said he got his inspiration by walking to work each day between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, and enjoying all sorts of views of Frank Gehry’s building, from which he got a lot of the impetus for this collection. It is Gehry’s first New York City building, the “InterActiveCorp headquartes” on West 18thStreet, with the interior brimming with glass and filtered light bouncing off warm wood furniture. It is very interesting how Derk Lam got his inspiration from a building. The structure, form, and angles that are usually associated with architectural design have moved from the city streets to the fashion runways. It just tells us how VISUALITY matters. We are looking, and we’re being watched. Both fashion and architecture are premises of visuality. 
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Affordable Luxury? April 29, 2009

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I found this picture interesting because of their catch phrase, ‘Luxury for Less”! Condos in Brooklyn, starting from $179,000 thousand dollars, is aparantly an affordable cost for Luxury. This deffintly feeds into my theme of systems of desire through the urban landscape. The marketers know that you have been looking at those luxury condos with lust, but could never afford it. The same way one learns desire when reading through a magazine. They hook you by saying, ‘hey look, you can have this too!’ and they know you want it, and not particularly because it is the best decision to make as an investment or place live, but because its a growing trend in the city. To own a Condo in the city means you have made it, it gives you the same rush as buying a $400 pair of designer shoes!